I've been to almost every US state and Alaska is definitely the best. When I'm trying to impress someone, I usually start listing off my facts about Alaska.
  1. Alaska is fucking huge
    More than twice the size of Texas. Including the Aleutian Islands, Alaska stretches the distance between NY and SF.
  2. Alaska has 3 million lakes
    Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes? That's cute.
  3. Alaska has 100,000+ glaciers
    29,000 square miles are covered by glaciers.
  4. Alaska was purchased for $7.2mil
    That's 2 cents per acre
  5. Of the 20 tallest peaks in the U.S., 17 are in Alaska
    Denali is the tallest at over 20,000 ft. It's the tallest mountain in the world if you measure from the base to the peak (18,000ft).
  6. It's mostly empty
    The population density of Alaska is about 1 person per square mile
  7. Eskimo Olympics
    Events include high-kicking and seeing how far you can pull your head back when there are rubber bands around your ears. No joke.
  8. Including islands, Alaska has 33,000 miles of shoreline
    Yea, I know