Reflections on the craft by professional writers.
  1. "My one note of screenwriting advice is: Make sure you can *see* the movie before you start writing the actual script." — Arash Amel
  2. "Sometimes you're swinging your way through a first draft like a blind miner with a pick-axe. That's okay. Just get it done."—Justin Marks
  3. "It's really important to start off well. If you grab people early in the script, they're going to keep reading.—Carter Blanchard
  4. "No matter what the concept is, nobody cares if there's not an empathetic way into the story."—Daniel Kunka
  5. "The challenge of screenwriting is to say much in little and still preserve an effect of lieisure and natural movement."—Raymond Chandler
  6. "Outlining is necessary work, but you have to have something left to discover during the writing or you won't be inspired."—Liz W. Garcia
  7. "I think it's always easier to revise a script, even a truly awful one, than face the tyranny of the blank page."—Stan Chervin
  8. "You have to empathize with, even love the villains you write. Otherwise it just becomes caricature."—Lisa Joy
  9. "A screenwriter's currency is a finished script. Not an outline, a beat sheet, a rough draft, but a finished script."—F. Scott Frazier
  10. "My best writing has been on the scripts I wrote as suicide notes to the industry—sort of, 'Fuck you guy, I'm outta here.'"—Marc Norman