Reflections on the craft by professional writers.
  1. "I have learned the first rule of screenwriting is having no rules. Everyone has to find their own way of doing things." — Guillermo Arriaga
  2. "Eighty percent of a motion picture is writing, the other twenty percent is the execution." — Billy Wilder
  3. "If you're not prepared to be rejected, don't try to write films." — Peter Hyams
  4. "The single most important question one must ask oneself about a character is what are they really afraid of." — Robert Towne
  5. "Each scene must be a drama in itself. The whole picture must be made up of a series of small dramas." — Jeanie Macpherson
  6. "Plot does not drive characters. Characters drive plot. Characters want, need, feel, act, react. This creates plot." — Chuck Wendig
  7. "Screenplays don't have to read like an instruction manual for a refrigerator. You can write them as a pleasurable read." — William Goldman
  8. "If you're inviting people into a story, invite them into all parts of it. Inhabit each character as fully as possible." — Nikole Beckwith
  9. "Every five to ten pages, I want a big fist to come out of the screenplay and punch the reader in the gut." — Allan Durand
  10. "If I have anything to say to young writers, it's stop thinking of writing as art. Think of it as work." — Paddy Chayefsky