1. Reminder to aspiring screenwriters: Movies are primarily a visual medium. They aren't called "motion pictures" for nothing.
  2. There are no screenwriting rules. There are conventions, patterns, paradigms. Know them, but don't let them constrain your creativity.
  3. Every story has a physical journey and a psychological journey. The former has no meaning without the latter.
  4. Sometimes the BEST dialogue is NO dialogue. The silence in the moment or between characters can speak volumes.
  5. It is virtually impossible to overestimate the value of a strong story concept to the marketability of a spec script.
  6. Screenplay: Minumum Words, Maximum Impact.
  7. Three keys to learning the craft of screenwriting: Watch movies. Read scripts. Write pages.
  8. Think character. Think plot. Think theme. But when you sit down to write a scene... feel.
  9. One month for prep. Write 1 page per day. One month for revisions and editing. Do that and you complete 2 scripts per year.
  10. There is no 'right' way to write. Every writer is different. Every story is different. Find the writing process that works for YOU.