1. Your characters exist. They WANT you to tell their story. Seek them out. They are your allies.
  2. At the heart of your Protagonist's story are these questions: "Who are you? What will you become?" Their journey through the plot provides the answers.
  3. A log line should SELL the story, not TELL the story. Don't overcomplicate it. Focus on what will hook a reader's attention.
  4. When introducing characters in a script, focus less on physical description, and more on their psychological nature and personality.
  5. Writing mantra: The only way out is through.
  6. Need motivation? How about this: When you aren't writing... someone else is.
  7. What is the point of the scene? If you can't answer this question, figure out the scene's purpose... or cut it.
  8. Personal History: Everything that's happened to a character. Backstory: Events / dynamics specifically tied to your story's narrative.
  9. Something to remember as you develop your characters: Each believes they are the Protagonist in their own story.
  10. There is one incontrovertible, unassailable rule about a first draft and it is this: Get the damn thing done!