I live in a bubble and am laughably ignorant about everything.
  1. Battles — Gloss Drop
    A killer album of high-intensity math rock. I love this like babies love milk. The video for "Ice Cream" is one of my favorite things ever.
  2. Panabrite — Soft Terminal
    Dreamy electronica. I have a lot of this guy's stuff, but this old one is still my favorite. It's sort of like the soundtrack to a cult 1970s animated sci-fi film.
  3. Holy Fuck — Latin
    Electronic dance music for really, really intense people. I always keep it in my car in case I get into a chase. Someday I'll get a horn that plays Dixie too.
  4. The Octopus Project — Fever Forms
    Loopy psychedelic weirdness. Beeps and boops from the bubble party planet. Favorite track: "Mmkit". It'll get you up in the morning, and that's a Joe Gola guarantee.
  5. Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band — The Rarity of Experience
    Sort of like if you mixed up 1970s jam rock with post-rock and a bunch of other stuff. Epic apocalyptic trained llama explosions perfectly synchronized with sunspots here: https://chrisforsyth1.bandcamp.com/track/high-castle-rock
  6. Blondes — Blondes
    Electronic dance music for people who are way too high to actually stand up and dance, but maybe they can sort of wiggle erotically on the couch.
  7. Ratatat — Magnifique
    Happy instrumental pop music. It's not complicated, but it's fun. Cordially invites you to shake what your mother gave you. https://youtu.be/f7wkRET0hbo
  8. Mogwai — Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will
    I have two Mogwai albums and this is one of them.
  9. Matt Rae — Teleblaster
    Telecaster delight. Country twang and surf twang and just general twangy goodness.
  10. Suryummy — Prismatic Escalator
    I often poke around Bandcamp looking for cheap background music to work to. This has been one of my best finds. Otherworldly and strange.
  11. HONORABLE MENTION: Bob Dylan — The Basement Tapes Complete
    Not officially counting this as it wasn't recorded in the 2010s, but if we were going strictly by release date, then this would be near the top of the list for reasons that I don't think I need to explain. Is it weird that "One Man's Loss" is one of my favorites? Better come down easy, or don't come down at all.