It's not a border, it's a hug.
  1. America and Canada wear matching Halloween costumes every year; last year they were hoboes, and this year they will be pirates. Dressing up is fun when you do it with friends.
  2. Mexico hurt America's feelings at the softball game; Canada spends time with America at the pizza party afterwards to cheer him up.
  3. Canada: I lost my moose. America: I'm dropping everything to help you look, because I know your moose is important to you.
  4. "Do you want a turn with this video game, America? All you have to do is eat the dots and run away from the ghosts!"
  5. "What does that cloud look like to you, Canada?"
  6. America walks up to Canada's door with two ice cream cones to share … and Canada was just walking out with two ice cream cones to share with America. They laughed and laughed.