Collecting Norm Chambers

Norm Chambers is a Seattle-based composer of electronic music who releases albums under a variety of pseudonyms. You will never find a more obscure list on this app. Also a work in progress, because no drafts.
  1. Nordsee — Panabrite (2009)
    Digital download. From 2009, released with Contemplating the Observatory by Digitalis Limited in 2010 or 2011. Has a pastoral feeling to it and features acoustic guitar. Now unavailable.
  2. Contemplating the Observatory
    Digital download. From 2010, released with Nordsee by Digitalis Limited in 2010 or 2011. Very similar to Nordsee. Now unavailable.
  3. Jürgen Müller — The Science of the Sea
    Digital download. Released June 2011. There is an elaborate fictional backstory for "Jürgen Müller" and the recording of the album on the Bandcamp page. One of my favorites. There is only one other recording released under this pseudonym that I know of.
  4. Soft Terminal — Panabrite
    Digital Download. Released March 2012. The first Norm Chambers album I heard, and still my favorite.
  5. Ionian Dream — Soft Mirage
    Digital download. Released May 2012. A collaboration with Christian Richter that features additional instrumentation. Very pleasant and relaxing.
  6. The Baroque Atrium — Panabrite
    Digital download. Released August 2012. Contains one of my favorite Panabrite tracks, "Suite (for Winnie and Roxy)".
  7. Cortex Meridian — Panabrite
    Cassette. Released 2013. Marks a shift to a more twittery and high-pitched sound. I hate this cover.
  8. Endless Landscape — Spiral Index
    Digital download. November 2013. No longer available. Norm must not have been satisfied with this one; seven months later he pulled the album off of Bandcamp and remade it as Sensory Margin, re-using half the tracks and adding five new songs. The title track later reappeared on the 2015 release Cede.
  9. Tracer — Norm Chambers
    Digital download. May 2014. A weird little EP of five tracks released by Bathetic Records. No longer available. "Runner" reappeared on Sensory Margin, and "Condor" reappeared on 2016's Transfer.
  10. Sensory Margin — Norm Chambers
    Digital download. June 2014. Sort of a remake of Endless Landscapes, and maybe his first release under his own name. Norm describes it as "a concise collection of similarly minded themes and moods for non-existent films."
  11. "Digest of Botannicals" — Panabrite
    Digital download. August 2014. A pretty eighteen-minute ambient track from the Inner Islands split album Oceanic Triangulation.
  12. Wasteland Cycle — Panabrite
    Digital download. October 2014. An EP released by Cosmic Winnetou. Very weird, but still melodic. For the adventurous.
  13. Pavilion — Panabrite
    Vinyl. Released by Immune records, October 2014. "A bookend piece to my 2012 album The Baroque Atrium, in that it deals with certain concepts and ideas of mind-space; an account of a place and time and of the experience while there." Moody and haunting.
  14. Disintegrating Landscapes — Panabrite
    Digital download. Originally released on Bandcamp in January 2015. Maybe his strangest release, it's one forty-eight-minute track that begins as a quiet ambient piece and ends up as a streaming twitter of tonal information. Was re-released on cassette by Immune Records in June 2015, with the single track split into two.
  15. Cede — Norm Chambers
    Digital download. Released December 2015. A collection of music recorded under different circumstances between 2012 and 2014. This is the original cover; it was later re-released on cassette by Broken Press Recordings with an uglier one.
  16. The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol.1: Egypt — Jürgen Müller
    Vinyl. Released April 2017. Jürgen Müller returns! "A collection of split LPs by selected artists who offer their own insight into fascinating ancient cultures." The other side of the record is Jonas Reinhardt.
  17. Music for the Dome — Norm Chambers
    Digital download. Released August 2017. Available for one day only, earnings going to the Transgender Law Center. A re-creation of a live performance at the Pacific Science Center Laser Dome on July 16, 2017.