1. Music: Cave — "Neverendless"
    I have a friend who gets my taste in music, and he recommended this to me a while back. It has been my soundtrack ever since. I think you could call it loud, trancelike post-rock guitar with a hint of noise.
  2. New vinyl: The Encyclopedia of Civilizations Vol. 1: Egypt
    Pure electronica, one side by Jonas Reinhardt and the other by Jürgen Müller a.k.a. Panabrite. It comes with a fancy booklet about ancient Egyptian culture, but the music is just twittery beeps and boops. It's the kind of thing that you leave out at parties so people can be like "what the fuck is this?", which for my money is the best kind of thing.
  3. Televisual: Fargo Season 3
    Recommended to me by my cool sister. That is to say that I have one sister and she is cool, not that I have many sisters, only one of which is cool. I haven't seen season 2 yet but this one is nasty and gross. I'm okay with that. The only problem is that the bad guys (or let's say the worst guys) are so purely evil it gets me all worked up and indignant. I used to have that problem with Ben on "Lost".
  4. Televisual: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return
    "Avalanche" is one of my new all-time favorite MST3Ks.
  5. Ferns
    They remind me of my childhood and make me happy for some reason. I have spent many hours killing wild grape vines to get these guys to come back.
  6. Bare wood floors
    See you in hell, icky carpet.
  7. This rueben sandwich.
    I was on a quest to get a real honest-to-god rueben because I ordered one at a deli earlier this week and it came cold with cole slaw instead of sauerkraut. WTF? Look, if you don't know what a rueben is, don't put it on the menu. It's not something you can fake, like enthusiasm for life.
  8. Word: multifarious
    I gotta figure out a way to work it into conversation.
  9. Thank you for reading my multifarious list.
    Nailed it.