I have a device without auto-update enabled, so these puppies are still safe and sound. I guess I'd better work towards getting them finished before that version is no longer compatible with listbot HQ.
  1. My Criterion Collection Collection
    They're all listed out, but I only got halfway through finding images for all of them.
  2. The History of My Obsessions
    A little disturbing and sad, to be honest.
  3. 10 from the 2000s: Favorite Music of the Decade
    Pretty close to being done, but probably not that interesting, since I wasn't really exposed to a lot of music in those ten years.
  4. Too 5 Beatles Songs!
    I'm not sure that even *I* care what my top five Beatles songs are.
  5. Tales from My Clueless Youth
    Totally finished, but I got cold feet. Tl;dr: I'm a dork.
  6. Wild Life
    A little story about a bird I met.
  7. Fun Facts About Viridiana
    A big project about a favorite movie. Possibly too ambitious for the new dumbed-down & draft-less li.st. Also probably not worth the effort, since it will likely only be of interest to five or six people, tops.
  8. Top Ten Most Difficult Novels I've Read
    Finished it, but then thought it might come off as braggy.
  9. How a Film Fanatic Is Made
    90% done, not sure why it fell by the wayside.
  10. Food Intolerance
    "Hot takes", as the kids say. Started, never finished. "Only serial killers put ketchup on hot dogs."