DVDs I Own That Probably Aren't in Many Collections 📀

Inspired by @roche
  1. The Leningrad Cowboys Meet Moses (1994)
    Part of the Eclipse Leningrad Cowboys set. I've only seen it once, and it's unquestionably the worst movie in my collection that wasn't a gift. Oddly enough, I can't remember whether or not they do actually meet Moses.
  2. Illusion Travels by Streetcar (1954)
    A Mexican comedy about a couple of guys who get drunk and steal a streetcar. You know, like you do.
  3. The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967)
    If you've ever wondered what it would be like if one of the world's greatest directors made a vampire comedy, this is that movie.
  4. Robinson Crusoe (1952)
    "Aiyah! Friday beautiful god of war! Aiyah!" It's way edgier than it looks.
  5. Gone to Earth (1950)
    A Powell & Pressburger film I wanted to see, and for some reason it was only available on a Korean DVD. It's good.
  6. Il Bidone (1955)
    A Fellini film which nobody remembers but which I think is really good. I have a weakness for poison doughnut movies where it seems like the movie is going to be a conventional story but ends up being something else, usually something much more sinister.
  7. The Saragossa Manuscript (1965)
    A crazy three-hour Polish movie that is completely fucked up and impossible to describe.
  8. The Kingdom (1994)
    DANISH SCUM! A Danish miniseries about a haunted hospital, directed by Lars von Trier. It was later remade in the US. Does anybody know this? Anyone?
  9. Dr. Mabuse der Spieler (1922)
    A two-part, four-and-half-hour silent film from Germany. There are car chases and exploding bombs and shootouts with the police and all manner of what-have-you. It's awesome.
  10. Flash Gordon (1980)
  11. The Big Bus (1976)
    Christmas present, 2016. A pre-Airplane! disaster movie spoof. Raise the flags of all nations!