The most important list you'll read today.
  1. Mercado (Hartford, Spanish)
    Expensive, but the food is as good as or better than many sit-down restaurants. The tapas are delicious but a little oily; I recommend the arroz con pollo. I'll have to get a picture, but I'm a little shy because the chick at the window is gorgeous.
  2. Eggz (Bethel CT, egg sandwiches)
    Pic 1: The truck itself. Why the cartoon Hulk Hogan? Unclear. Next pic: the food.
  3. Static
    Pic 2: "Crack is Wack," featuring goat cheese, arugula and fig spread. Warning: you may start crying uncontrollably while eating this.
  4. Lucky Taco (Hartford, IN MEMORIAM)
    They've retired the food truck and opened a for-real restaurant, but back in the day this was the jewel of Hartford, CT. Not greasy ground meat—eating their carnitas was like French-kissing a pork angel.