1. Fried clams
    Whenever I eat by the shore, I have to eat seafood (it's a rule), and for a long time my go-to seafood was fried clams. It just seemed like a bad-ass thing to eat — I am seafooding SO HARD right now! Then one day I realized they're not really appealing or flavorful and basically they're just mindless tide pool slugs that ought to be left alone.
  2. Chili dogs
    I like chili and I like hot dogs, so this has to be a win, right? Except one day I realized that I was always wolfing them down to get them over with. Wait, maybe chili dogs are … unappealing, somehow? Isn't it a little like eating chili from a bun and discovering something firm in it?
  3. Green tea
    I love black tea, so it only stands to reason that I ought to love green tea too, right? For years I kept green tea in the cupboard for the times when I wanted to have a nice relaxing cup of acrid twig water.