This list was inspired by @Jvg0122 who is curious about how one of the most important elements of our financial system works. Let's all gather around and learn some fun and interesting fact pieces about stocks.
  1. The stock market was originally the stick market.
    "Sticks for twenty cents, a twig for a nickel" they'd sing in the market square. Sticks were much cheaper in those days, of course, it being the golden age.
  2. The first company listed on the New York Stock Exchange was Brammler's Rinsed Oat Supply.
    Trading was fast and furious on this hot commodity until the home oat rinser was introduced in 1804. One hundred and eighty years later, that same home oat rinser was expanded and reengineered to become the internet.
  3. The ceremonial ringing of the closing bell was originally used to clear cattle and chickens from the trading floor.
    Chickens were considered good luck, and the hungry traders were fed with fresh milk.
  4. A strong market is symbolized by a bull, and a weak market is symbolized by a bear.
    A medium market is symbolized by a blind circus clown dancing in the rain. There are even more markets besides that, but the symbols are secret and horrible to describe.
  5. The first woman was allowed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange in 1849.
    It was the famous millionaire Mimsy Rickets, who also drove her own buggy and played the banjo.
  6. Euronext NV started as a discotheque.
    In the transition from music club to financial center, the German band Kraftwerk briefly became the world's most powerful consortium.
  7. What stocks mean is still a mystery.
    Not even the president knows.