Hello Kitty Is a Liar

  1. You told me this was a good investment, but there are suspicious errors in these financial statements.
  2. The harmful slander you whispered about my cousin has damaged her friendships and shaken her self-confidence.
  3. The charity that you collected for turned out to be fraudulent, and we know you sold the donated school supplies on eBay.
  4. You said you were too sick to come to my birthday party, but this YouTube video of you singing karaoke suggests otherwise.
  5. The mysterious samples you gave to the nature museum are not fossils. They are Triscuits.
  6. You said that you read all of Lord of the Rings, but then you thought that Samwise was a elf.
  7. This birth certificate says your name is Donna and you're thirty-six.
  8. why is your heart so black
  9. why do you toy with men's lives
  10. you're a sociopath