Requested by Angela G.

My Shoddy James Mason Appreciation List

I mentioned to @angela3950 that James Mason was one of my favorite actors and she requested this list, but the shameful truth is that I haven't actually seen that many James Mason movies. I'm a total fraud, but I shall press on regardless.
  1. Lolita (1962)
    So many great moments, but the bathtub scene makes me laugh every time.
  2. North by Northwest
    I just saw this again recently and I was struck by the subtleties of JM's performance. I had never noticed before that his character actually cares for Eve Kendall, and that her connection to Roger Thornhill wounds him.
  3. The Man in Grey
    A fun costume melodrama. I have to think that this scowl ruffled the underpants of many a lady moviegoer.
  4. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Cap'n Nemo's got leagues like Cheryl's got Tiegs, his boat rides low and it's full of intrigues!
  5. Julius Caesar (1953)
    I actually have this DVD upstairs but I've only watched it once. I'm sure he nails it. Just look at that brooding Brutus.
  6. The Wicked Lady
    A married woman has some sort of split personality or gypsy curse or something and she sneaks away from her rich but boring husband to play highway bandit with our rascally friend here. Who says you can't have it all? And who could resist that fancy hat? You want to touch it, don't you? Yes, because you're filthy like that.
  7. Evil Under the Sun
    I recall that this was a weirdly enjoyable movie — I watched it a number of times with my parents when I was a teenager, though I remember nothing about it now. I guess that wasn't a good James Mason story and I'm sorry I wasted your time.
  8. Age of Consent
    This is a weird movie which I happen to have a copy of because it came as a set with A Matter of Life and Death. I won't get into it but it's awkwarrrrrrd.
  9. A Star is Born (1954)
    I haven't seen it, but it's on my list. Looks like a regular Punch and Judy show.
  10. do you get it punch and Judy
  11. Bigger Than Life
    Just watched this one to beef up my James Mason résumé. It's good, though also a little bleak and strange. There is some top-notch acting from Mason. His character goes a little bonkers.
  12. Odd Man Out
    Finally got around to seeing Odd Man Out, one of Mason's most critically acclaimed films. Holy cow! What a great movie! I wonder if @moonjockey knows about it. It's more of an ensemble-cast-type thing than I was expecting, but Mason is very compelling as the wounded IRA chief.