November TCM Movie-watching Schedule

Gotta plan ahead.
  1. Nov. 5: Alone in the Dark
    TCM Underground. A roll of the dice; could be campy fun like Night Train to Terror! or it could be just plain bad.
  2. Nov. 11: The Most Dangerous Game
    I have a thing for Fay Wray.
  3. Nov. 12: The Muthers
    TCM Underground. "In throbbing color." I reserve the right to bail out if it's really unwatchable.
  4. Nov. 15: Land of the Pharoahs
    I think I saw this on a rained-out field day in grade school. I sorta remember liking it.
  5. Nov. 17: Ice Station Zebra
    My father's second-favorite movie, and I've never seen it. He probably wouldn't admit that it's a favorite, but, seriously, every time you go over there it's on the TV.
  6. Nov. 19: Head
    TCM Underground. The Monkees movie, which was a BBS Productions film co-written by Jack Nicholson. I watched it once a long long time ago, but only for the Frank Zappa cameo.
  7. Nov. 26: Killer Party
    TCM Underground. Sounds terrible, but in a good way.
  8. Nov. 27: Ninotchka
    Never seen it.
  9. Nov. 27: Number, Please?
    A Harold Lloyd movie I've never seen.
  10. Nov. 29: Young and Innocent
    A Hitchcock movie I don't think I've seen.