I'm like an onion, you can just keep peeling back stinky layers.
  1. "Entonces Entonces Entonces"
    Latin flavor
  2. "No More Duppy in the Mango Bush"
    Caribbean flavor
  3. "The Ballad of the Lone Wagon Train"
    Western flavor
  4. "I Love You, Get Out"
    Written for me by famed songwriter Speap Hanson
  5. "Tie Your Yellow Bonnet on the Old Barn Door"
    An oldie but a goodie
  6. "You Got Starlight in My Eyes"
    The ladies love a torch song
  7. "Redhead Rodeo"
    Saddle up
  8. "Itchy Scottish Tartan"
    A novelty song about getting crabs in Glasgow
  9. "Wakka Wakka Ding Dong, I Love You"
    Crowd pleaser
  10. "Don't Tell Me You Only Love Me Sometimes"
    Can't hit those high notes any more
  11. "Too Many Feelings (for a Denver Man to Have)"
    Always gets a good reception in Denver
  12. "March on Home, Brother Josiah"
    Civil war flavor
  13. Static
    Still have the shirt