1. Thanks to everyone for being friendly, funny and interesting
  2. I liked reading your stories
    Especially the filthy ones
  3. If you like reading my stuff, I'm Joe Gola on Letterboxd and @joegola on IG and Twitter. I'm also on Goodreads.
    I will totally follow you back and fill your day with sweet, sweet approbation
  4. Except I don't really use that Twitter account much. I just started a new one, though: @vander_mcmahon
    Inspired by this wacky list: Vander-McMahon Corporate Horoscopes
  5. Also also, if you're a real glutton for punishment you can read my weird, creepy and definitely misguided novel, THE SATANIC BRIDEGROOM
    Contains one genuine gypsy curse, guaranteed
  6. Here are my favorites of the lists I've written:
  7. One of my first
  8. Almost nobody liked this list, but for some reason it cracks me up
  9. I'll have to transition this to Instagram
  10. The end