1. Hail, Caesar! A Tale of the Christ
    Starring Baird Whitlock.
  2. Tucumcari
    Principal is on schedule, but the second unit is idle in Gallup.
  3. Came the Rain
  4. Jonah's Daughter
    Starring DeeAnna Moran. The aquatic pictures do very well.
  5. The Debonairs
  6. Blessed Event
  7. Hobie Doyle western (title unknown)
    with "Whitey"
  8. Merrily We Dance
    Starring Hobart Doyle and Joan Van Vechten. Directed by Laurence Laurentz. Based on a Broadway smash.
  9. Burt Gurney musical (title unknown)
    Directed by Arne Seslum.
  10. The House of Ahasuaris
    Written by Benedict de Bonaventure
  11. All the Way to Uruguay
    Written by Dutch Zweistrong.
  12. Kerner's Corner
    Remember when the alderman overturned the rotten election and made Gus the mayor?
  13. Lazy Ol' Moon
    Starring Hobie Doyle. They only gave him one shot at the song.
  14. On Wings as Eagles
    (bird cry)