At one point I wrote a list about all the various TV shows I've watched over the course of my life, and then I thought, "maybe I'll watch some of those silly shows from the 1970s again." Here are the terrifying results of that poor life choice.
  1. Season 3, Episode 19: "The Bake Off"
    Aired February 27th, 1979. Jack is chosen to represent his culinary school in a local baking competition. Chrissy mistakenly eats the chocolate mousse pie just before the contest, and high jinks ensue.
  2. For those who don't know, the premise of Three's Company is that Jack Tripper, an aspiring chef, has two attractive female roommates, Janet and Chrissy.
    That's basically it. Janet has dark hair and Chrissy has blonde hair so you can tell them apart. Also Chrissy has big boobs.
  3. Many of the jokes revolve around the fact that Jack wants to have sexual intercourse with his comely roommates.
    He is completely up-front about this. The two women good-naturedly rebuff him.
  4. For example, in this particular episode, Jack slips his hands beneath the women's behinds when they sit down next to him on the couch.
    They take this surprisingly well. Oh Jack, you rascal! You can't blame a guy for trying, amirite?
  5. Static
    Jack is pleased with his prank.
  6. The old, toothy, disgusting head of the culinary school is aware of Jack's cohabitation with TWO LIVE FEMALES and he almost literally drools on his desk over this fact.
    This man has never known the touch of a woman and it serves him right.
  7. Chrissy's stupidity is a running joke.
    Though, to be fair, every sitcom needs a good buffoon.
  8. Most of the jokes were lame.
    I think I smiled twice.
  9. J,J&C's landlords are the Ropers.
    Who would later have their own spin-off show.
  10. Mr. Roper thinks Jack is gay and cracks a joke about this.
    I think in the beginning of the series J,J&C had to imply that Jack was gay so landlord Roper wouldn't object to unmarried men and women living in the same apartment? Anyway, making gay jokes was the hip, edgy thing to do back then, but I guess it's good that TV was starting to acknowledge that homosexuality was a normal everyday thing.
  11. Mrs. Roper cracks a couple of jokes about her husband's difficulties getting it up.
    If I recall, it was a running gag that Mrs. Roper was in a constant state of sexual frustration.
  12. Here's a screen shot of the old, unattractive man leering at Chrissy.
  13. Static
    Just gonna check out the tits real quick.
  14. Naturally the whole thing ends in a pie fight.
    They should have known the risks when they started that contest.
  15. Static
  16. This sitcom brought to you by the 1970s.