Requested by @cvlop61
I decided that if the summer ended without my doing anything memorable, it would be the equivalent of a global or at least a local apocalypse.
  1. So here's the silly fantasy I've had running through my head for years:
  2. (don't laugh)
  3. I rent a house for a week up north in the trees and near some water*
    *How "up north" depends on time or energy; could be a couple of counties away, could be a couple of states away)
  4. Rustic, in the woods, with patio. Maybe a lake or a creek just behind, with the hills beyond.
  5. Spend part of the week by myself writing and meditating
  6. Spend part of it with one or two close friends fishing and hiking.
  7. On the weekend a nice gathering of 8 or 10 people for grilling, exhibitions of athletics and skill (e.g. badminton, darts, Möllky and crokinole), maximum bonhomie, and, most importantly, board games
  8. Imperial 2030, perhaps? Princes of the Renaissance? Clash of the Gladiators tournament? Who knows?
  9. Oh, and I'll bring the turntable and $20 worth of dollar bin records.
    Olivia Newton John? Pat Benatar? Lionel Richie? Maybe I'll get lucky and find some Herb Alpert
  10. Static
    shut up you love it