Inspired by @serenity5x5. I was out of ideas and I really liked her title.
  1. No such thing as too much buttercream frosting.
    My buttercream frosting slip 'n' slide proves it.
  2. People are weird about chocolate.
    One lady just rubbed the cupcake on her face and moaned like a savage.
  3. Carrot cake cupcake = okay, radish cake cupcake = no good.
    They're both root vegetables, why you gotta be fussy?
  4. Watch out for dogs.
    They will eat your cupcakes and not pay.
  5. You cannot buy a farmer at the farmer's market.
    They have principles.
  6. You can build your mystique by having one $40 cupcake.
    When people ask you what's in it just drape a piece of velvet over the lucite case and ask them to move along.
  7. Signage is important.
    Apparently "no parking" signs apply to cupcake wagons too.
  8. The American Civil War had many complex causes in addition to slavery.
    I was catching up on some reading.
  9. Some people are allergic to bananas.
    It's fine, she had an epi-pen.
  10. Where babies come from.
    I sold a cupcake to an obstetrician and we got to chatting.
  11. Cater to hipsters.
    Organic chard and locally sourced sawdust cupcakes will put a spring in their step and give them a bowel movement they'll never forget.
  12. Don't accept British pounds.
    I don't really understand foreign exchange rates, all I know is I took a bath on that one.
  13. @serenity5x5 is a good sport?
    Hopefully? Buy her cupcakes you cheapskate, she worked really hard on them.