Things That Could Only Have Been Invented by High People

  1. Olive loaf
    how is this a thing
  2. Reincarnation
    What if I die and come back as weed?
  3. Lederhosen
    Protect the crotch, flaunt the knee.
  4. Cricket
    Not convinced the whole thing isn't a prank like Mornington Crescent.
  5. Singing Cowboys
  6. Puppets
    "I'm a little bit scared of pruppets." —Dr. Steve Brule
  7. Yodeling
    again the Bavarians
  8. Banjos
    basically a cartoon guitar
  9. Eskimos
    I'm just kidding, nobody invented Eskimos, they're just born high.
  10. Bustles
  11. Pinball machines
    No explanation needed.
  12. Pig Latin
    Fast forward to Ginger Rogers at 1:35 to be both astounded and terrified:
  13. Synchronized swimming
    sports are better with friends
  14. Those old-timey bicycles with one giant wheel
  15. Opera
    let's sing loud enough that the peasants can hear us in the coal mines