Fathers' Day is coming up, and it's not too late to build some bridges.
  1. Your beard has filled in nicely, my son.
  2. Thank you again for devoting your life to the Night's Watch. Your service honors us.
  3. Please have some more bread. Your journey was long, and there is plenty for all.
  4. What were the white walkers like? I'm so glad you're meeting new people.
  5. Your son looks healthy and well-cared-for. That is a great accomplishment in our dangerous and unpredictable kingdom.
  6. A career in academics is an excellent choice. Please feel free to make use of my personal library.
  7. Would you like to borrow the family sword? It's no problem, really. Seriously, just take it whenever you want.
  8. Your wildling whore is quiet and well-mannered. I will be honored to call her my daughter-in-law.
  9. Black is a good color for you.
  10. How about a game of catch?