My most controversial list yet. No refunds.
  1. "I'm Only Sleeping"
    The lyrics are close to my heart.
  2. "I Want to Tell You"
    I don't know why. The singing? The clangy piano? The melody? The lyrics? It's a mystery.
  3. "Yellow Submarine"
    Anarchic & infectious, just like my granny.
  4. "And Your Bird Can Sing"
    Strident chunky guitar, great Lennon vocal, good harmonies, pretty bridge.
  5. "Good Day Sunshine"
    Invigorating harmonies and lots of pep.
  6. …okay, I guess "Eleanor Rigby" is good too, it just makes me flash back to that depressing sequence in the movie Yellow Submarine. I have a theory that the people who made that movie suffered from clinical depression. Seriously, think about it.