One time at camp I was stung by 12 bees at once. I lived to tell the story here.
  1. It was at canteen which is after dinner and after evening activity.
  2. I was talking to the baseball counselor.
  3. I would like to think I was flirting. I was 8 years old, a "middle junior."
  4. I was sitting up on a ledge talking to him. I was wearing a red t-shirt with a pocket. I don't remember what else.
  5. The conversation was coming to a close. So I hopped down off the ledge.
  6. Unfortunately it was at the exact same moment someone threw out their canteen snacks in the giant garbage below, unwittingly disturbing a bee's nest.
  7. So I jumped down from the ledge basically into a swarm of bees.
  8. I had been stung by a bee before, on my foot, in Italy, as a 2 1/2 year old.
  9. That time, a tan long haired man emerged from out of nowhere and scooped me up and sucked the stinger out of my foot.
  10. He then handed me to my father and walked away (into the ocean?) never to be heard from again.
  11. The hotel gave me a Care Bear inner tube to cheer me up.
  12. Ok back to camp. There are now a lot of bees on me. Not like a Thomas J. amount but a lot. And a big commotion surrounds me.
  13. I stand there in shock. My group leader and favorite counselor Claudia Levine grabs my hand and we rush across the field to the infirmary across the way.
  14. As we run she says "take off your shirt!" So I do.
  15. Unfortunate timing - at this exact moment, Mike Adler, a middle junior boy, happens to cross our path.
  16. Mike Adler is super cute and the best basketball player in our group.
  17. Many years later we would be C.I.T. color war captains together. Our team was the Iroquois. I know how to spell this because of our team songs.
  18. By that time Mike Adler was a Dead Head with dread locks but remained the best basketball player in the group.
  19. Ok back to the bees. They're all over me. I peel off my red shortsleeve pocket t-shirt mid-sprint. Mike Adler sees me topless.
  20. We arrive at the infirmary. I honestly don't remember if I screamed or cried but I'm sure I cried a lot. They counted 12 bee stings. They may have been wasps but I'm not sure.
  21. The weird thing was that earlier in the summer a girl in my group Ellen Schrader (a Canadian) had been stung by 5 bees and I had remembered specifically thinking "whoa that is SO many."
  22. I got to call my parents which was a big deal because we only were allowed 1 phone call the whole summer. I actually got 2 because I have a summer birthday. So 3 total that summer.
  23. I got back to my bunk hours later and my bunk mates had decorated my bed area.
  24. I want to say they had all lent me their Game Boys but I can't remember for sure if we were allowed Game Boys at camp.
  25. My sister took her time visiting me the next day from the senior village.
  26. I was nominated for a Fuzzy at morning lineup, this little fuzzy thing with googley eyes that had a tag that said "W.I.G." which stood for warm inner glow. I guess for my bravery?
  27. I remember being embarrassed around Mike Adler. But I don't think he told anyone.
  28. I continued to chat up the baseball coach the rest of that summer.
  29. I don't think of this incident very often but every time there's a single bee around me, I am pretty damn chill about it.