Los Angeles
  1. Odys + Penelope
    This place is good. Great salads and veggies which are a good balance to the meat heavy menu. Tri tip and branzino both great. Nice staff, good aesthetics, not too loud. Good wine and cocktails. Only warning is you might run into agents or your boss there.
  2. Maré
    Somewhat hidden - you have to walk thru another restaurant and a kitchen to find it but it's worth it. Only outdoor seating and chill, brown paper tablecloth vibe. Shared plates with an emphasis on seafood (which are served with pasta and a poached egg on the side - well played). Good mussels and clams but the steak with uni cream is also aces. V good bread for the table for those who eat carbs. Warning if it's hot as balls out, it's only outdoor seating.
  3. EP & LP
    Cool rooftop bar and beautiful restaurant. Has a euro vibe (doesn't help that it's on Melrose and La Cienega) but it's an Australian chef and really tasty Thai food. Good cocktails and v good food. I sweat thru the spicy food Detective Sipowicz-style like a champ. King fish, wings, short rib, fried rice, papaya salad all great and fun weird desserts that are good not just weird. Points deducted for the a little too cool vibe and the American chick downstairs calling the elevator the "lift."
  4. Brooklyn Water Bagel
    Ok this place isn't new but I went for the first time and it's really good (for LA bagels I mean, duh). Got an everything bagel toasted with scallion cream cheese and lox and an iced coffee which comes with ice cubes MADE OF COFFEE. Larry King and Rachel Zoe were both there if that's an indication...of something. Good NY vibe with plaques of famous peops from Brooklyn.