Been going once a year with friends for about 8 years now. It's for adults because of the hours and the specific rides, we don't booze. We take it seriously. This is how we do.
  1. Leave your house at 2pm. A weekday is preferable sure but the other option is a late afternoon-night visit. Mother's Day and St. Patrick's Day are good too, it's emptier. Avoid July and August, too hot.
  2. Bring sunblock and a hat and sunglasses. If you bring a change of clothes in your car you will not get wet on Splash Mountain, if you don't, you will.
  3. Skip California Adventure. Buy the single park ticket.
  4. Walk to INDIANA JONES in ADVENTURELAND and get a fast pass if it's more than a 20-30 minute wait. If it's a 20-30 minute wait, stay and have someone go get churros and bottles of water for everyone on line.
  6. Games to play while you wait on line: I Spy, Would You Rather, F Marry Kill, and name 2 things - one you love and one you hate - and the others have to guess which is which.
  7. Go back to INDIANA JONES in ADVENTURELAND if you didn't get on before.
  8. Get the individually wrapped pickles in a barrel. Trust me they are refreshing and delicious.
  9. Head to PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN, stop at the HAUNTED MANSION on the way. Both are in NEW ORLEANS SQUARE.
  10. Time for SPLASH MOUNTAIN. All the way in the front or back are the seats that get the most splashed.
  11. Eat something with protein - like a corndog or gigantic chicken leg. Sit in the sun if you got wet.
  12. Go on a chill ride while you digest like "it's a small world" (yes, it's racist) and MR. TOAD'S WILD RIDE. Both are in FANTASYLAND.
  13. Go get a Fast Pass for SPACE MOUNTAIN and then go watch CAPTAIN EO at TOMORROWLAND.
  14. Eat another churro.
  16. Time for the 9:00pm show of FANTASMIC! It's 22 minutes long and it's great. Get another bottle of water and a snack for the show. Don't worry about getting seats, just stand and watch.
  17. A lot of people leave now because it's late and they are/have little kids. Take advantage and go on SPACE MOUNTAIN in TOMORROWLAND at least 2 more times. You'll be able to sense now when they take the picture towards the end.
  18. Take some Excedrin for your brain which feels like it's rolling around in your head.
  19. Go back to THUNDER MOUNTAIN in FRONTIERLAND and go on again now that it's dark out. It's really cool at night.
  20. SKIP MATTERHORN - it really hurts.
  21. Time for dessert - a frozen banana or another churro.
  22. Depart the park at approx 11:00pm and go to the big store that's right by the tram back to the parking lot for souvenirs.
  23. The end.
  24. Ps I will have peed approx 5 x during the course of this day. Maybe more.