I like to abbreviate things. Some examples.
  1. Totes.
    A classic. I still use it. I also still claim my sister invented it at camp one summer.
  2. Statue of Libs
    A recent one!
  3. The Couv
    For Vancouver, duh. They love this there (they don't).
  4. B
    I call one of my best friends B even tho her name is Jessica.
  5. Even I don't say "sammy" for sandwich because I am not a monster.
  6. I also despise when people type "Y" or "N" for yes and no.
  7. Abobo.
    This one is totes inappropes.
    I like to move it move it. I know this is an acronym and not an abbreviation but just let me have it.
  9. One time I said dumps for dumplings and instantly regretted it.
  10. Fasspeener
    Ok this is a nickname not an abbreviation but I'm just really proud of it.
  11. TBals.
    Talia Balsam, duh.