Pardon the snark, it's just my current mood. This will be the first of my lists to be removed when this thing goes public.
  1. PRO: McAdams
    No one does rom like this Canadian treasure
  2. CON: Bradley Cooper
    So he takes the subway and speaks French big whoop. I believe him more as an elephant than in this role for some reason.
  3. PRO: Emma Stone & Bill Murray reunite
    Zombieland collabo was 💯
  4. CON: Aloha is a horrendous title
    Just try out this sentence - "I'm going to see the 9:20 showing of Aloha at the Arclight." Nope.
  5. PRO: Cameron Crowe
    Say Anything, say no more
  6. CON: Cameron Crowe
    Lost some muster with me after his breakup Nancy Wilson, the soundtracks must suffer?!?!
  7. PRO: Hawaii is beautiful
  8. CON: Hawaiian shirts and strong choice sunglasses abound
    And for sure people are gonna be wearing the Hawaiian shirts non-ironically ironically.
  9. PRO: Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, and Alec Baldwin
    It HAS to be funny, right? Right??
  10. CON: The trailer
    Isn't funny?
    If it's bad or it tanks then Amy Pascal (via Sony leaks) was right all along! See, she was a scapegoat!!!
  12. CON: Scott Rudin
    I've confused myself with this whole pro & con thing but basically, I think this movie isn't going to be very good? Sorry Scott! #TeamHarvey #StockholmSyndrome
  13. CON: Tagline
    "Sometimes you have to say goodbye before you can say hello." IT'S ALOHA, WE GET IT.
    Suggested by @hollis
  14. CON: THERE ARE NO NON-WHITE PEOPLE IN A MOVIE with a Hawaiian name, set in Hawaii—a state in which some folks are actively trying to reinstate the Hawaiian government.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond