1. You know those variety packs of mini cereal boxes? I want that, but only Special K.
  2. You don't always have to say something funny.
  3. I can see your underwear.
    (I was leaning over the couch to fix the phone).
  4. Go back to where you came from.
    This was by the elevator bay, they meant my desk but for years I would tell this story and imagine my response as "you mean the womb?"
  5. You don't have to run everywhere.
    This was after I almost ran them over, rounding the corner, in the hall.
  6. You need to figure out how to spell Aleen Keshishian immediately.
  7. You can ask one question a day.
  8. If we don't finish all the Nobu, you can have it.
  9. I walked by something with animals and kids, can you find it?