1. Chicken wings
  2. Donut holes
    Ask me about my future invention: bagel balls
  3. Saturn "Donut" peaches
  4. Edamame beans
    Also because you can say stuff like "edamame and edapapa"
  5. Cherry tomatoes
  6. Heineken and Bundaberg bottles
    Short neck!
  7. The lobster roll at Son of a Gun
  8. Petit filet
    Baby steak!
  9. Babybel Bonbel cheese
    Unclear if this is actually real cheese
  10. The marshmallows in Lucky Charms
  11. The "fish" in Phish Food ice cream
  12. Zucchini flowers
  13. Espresso
    But holy bitter undrinkable
  14. Lilliputian shrimp in some Chinese food dishes
  15. Soup dumplings
  16. Clementines!
    Suggested by @jeffstern