LA has 3 locations: back to back ones in Arcadia/the San Gabriel Valley (put your name down at both) and the one at the Americana in Glendale. The wait is never as long as they say it will be.
  1. String beans
  2. Cucumbers
    And I'm not usually a cucumber fan
  3. All the dumplings
    This is why you're here. They're all great. Assume 8-10 dumplings a person and they come 10 in an order!
  4. Especially XiaoLongBao
    These are the soup dumplings, yum!
  5. Potstickers
  6. Shrimp and pork Shao Mai
    It comes with an adorable little shrimp lodged on top.
  7. Hot & Sour soup
    Or wonton soup. Or skip the soup because soup is filling.
  8. Noodles with sesame sauce
    Maybe the best I've ever had. Or possibly a tie with the ones at Pine & Crane.
  9. Noodles with spicy sauce.
    Similar to above but also v tasty.
  10. Shanghai rice cake with anything
    It's hard to describe these gummy slices of heaven, they look like a water chestnut but they're chewy and apparently rice?
  11. Pork rice bun
    This is different than the buns I warn against below.
  12. Get a beer.
  13. Sweet Taro dumplings
    You might be like oh no I'm too full I can't have more dumplings but these are delish and weird so man up.
  14. SKIP: all the fried rice, I swear it's not good.
  15. SKIP: all the buns! They are not good, especially if you've ever had a Momofuku pork bun. Dumplings are the main event here. The pork bun is literally a pork meatball in a flavorless bun with no garnish.
  16. SKIP: I also think the other noodle dishes aren't as good as the ones I mentioned above.
  17. SKIP: Red bean.
    For dessert don't be fooled by the name recognition of red bean, taro is better!