I am not a doctor. There are no doctors in my family. This is a mix of eastern and western "medicine."
  1. Preventative tips
    I travel lot for work and some of the things I do are: put Neosporin in my nose when I fly,* take a Sudafed 1/2 hour before boarding,** and drink as much water as possible (aisle seat!)*** *I know this is gross. **Helps prevent sinus & ear infections. Don't mix Sudafed with sleep meds. ***I pee all the time anyway.
  2. Can you "catch a cold?"
    Hard to say. I leave my house every single day with a wet head. Also I once heavily made out with this guy, let's call him Hipster John, and he told me the next day he woke up with a terrible cold...and I never got it! That said I do wash my hands a lot and use antibacterial probably more than is normal.
  3. At the first signs of a tickle in your throat or a sore throat or a sniffle.
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    Panic! Gargle with warm salt water. Get a B12 shot even tho it's probably too late. Take a shot of Fire Cider (pic attached). Take the wellness or cold & flu shot at Earthbar if you're in LA. Do a Neti Pot!
  4. Still not better?
    Drink hot water with lemon and honey. All day. A guy recently told me to get raw, organic honey from a farmer's market but he turned out to be a dick so take that for what you will. Take Vitamin C. But watch out for orange juice, it causes mucous (so does milk). So better to take it in actual vitamin or orange form.
  5. Ugh you're sick.
    Sleep as much as humanly possible. During the day if you're sniffly sneezy and your head feels foggy/tight, I usually go with Advil Cold. Take with food. Also keep drinking the hot water with lemon and honey and rotate in chamomile tea with lemon. Sadly it's time to cut out most caffeine. Don't do a Neti Pot when you're fully congested it doesn't work.
  6. What to eat?
    That starve a cold thing is BS. Eat chicken noodle soup and hot & sour soup (sweat it out!). Heavy on the protein and go easy on the sweets. Go back to sleep!
  7. Cough stage
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    Time for Throat Coat tea (see pic, it doesn't taste great) and lozenges. And the gift from God that is NyQuil. I prefer the liquid, it also coats the throat. Don't take it unless you can sleep for 7-8 hours or you'll wake up mad groggy.
  8. Post nasal drip - blech
    Riiiiiiicola. Also - Boil water. Put 10 drops of eucalyptus oil into one of those plastic mixing bowls and then pour the water in. Throw a towel over your head and breath in deeply. Repeat. This is also good for your skin! Hot showers also help. If you're coughing a lot, prop up your pillows and even put some pillows under your mattress at the head of your bed. Wait until you're SO tired that you can fall asleep pretty much sitting up.
  9. Starting to feel better?
    Once you've turned the corner, throw out your toothbrush and change your pillow cases and towels. Fresh start! Stop taking the NyQuil, I know it feels so good, but you probably don't need it anymore. You can start back up on caffeine but go easy; go with green tea not coffee if possible.
  10. Fingers crossed
    I live life with a nice mix of precaution and mild germaphobia. For example, I'm about to fly from NY to LA. Odds are that I've pressed my luck with this list and I get a cold on this flight?