1. First sip of beer
    At a Mets game when I was 7, from a stranger.
  2. First time I heard of someone getting Hep C
    Pamela Anderson
  3. First time I had a premonition
    Dreamt about Brandy. The next day she was on my train. In Kyoto. This is my only premonition to date.
  4. First favorite ice cream flavor
    The one with the gum balls. Despite the obvious disdain from my family.
  5. First time I was called Goldie
    On the set of the Mad Men pilot.
  6. First time I chose a blonde over a brunette
    Ben over Noel
  7. First time I got a bee sting
    An Italian man with long black hair picked me up and sucked the stinger out of my foot and then handed me to my father. I was 2.
  8. First time I got my period
    Was during Sex Ed class when they were teaching us about periods.
  9. First time I learned about IMDB
    At my Brown interview at the Astor Place Starbucks.
  10. First thing I remember hating
  11. First time I saw a life saved
    John Starks saved my friend John's life in 7th grade by pulling him from a top-closing freight elevator door at MSG.