NY, LA, NY, LA, NY, LA...written on the plane from one to the other...
  1. Cacio e Pepe at Lupa
  2. Sea urchin pasta at Angelini Osteria
  3. Steak tartare at Blue Ribbon Bakery
  4. Bone Marrow Pie at Chi Spacca
  5. Bee Sting pizza at Roberta's
  6. Pizzeria Mozza's take on Hawaiian pizza
  7. Burger at JG Melon's/PJ Clarke's
  8. Burger at Apple Pan
  9. Everything at Sushi Park & Sushi Zo.
  10. Someone take me to Masa or Japan.
  11. The Super Heeb at Russ & Daughters Cafe (get it on a biali) and the Lower Sunny Side.
  12. Russ & Daughters ships to LA
  13. The clam roll at Connie & Ted's
  14. Take the train to Cape Cod
  15. The green & white omelette and pumpkin waffle at Sarabeth's
  16. Everything at SQIRL
  17. German chocolate chip cookies at Commissary.
  18. Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts at my mom's house.
  19. Tagliatelle Al Ragu at Al Di La.
  20. Tagliatelle alla Zafferano. pork ragu. speck. fried sage. grana padano at Bestia.
  21. Pretzel Pork & Chive Dumplings & Kung Pao Chicken Wings at Talde.
  22. Scallion pancakes & Pork dumplings at Pine & Crane.
  23. Pasta Al Limone & "Priest Stranglers" pasta at Supper.
  24. Puttanesca pasta at Osteria Mamma.
  25. Clam pizza at Franny's.
  26. Every pizza at Gjelina. The pizza I plan to order at Jon & Vinny's.
  27. Guacamole (with sea urchin atop as an option) at Petty Cash and the guacamole with queso pairing at Mercado.
  28. The guacamole at my mom's house.
  29. Steak for 2 (feeds 3) at Knickerbocker's.
  30. Someone take me to Mastro's.
  31. Eggs Rothko at EGG.
  32. Caviar omelette at the Fountain downstairs at the Beverly Hills hotel when we're allowed to go back.
  33. Duck fat fries at Northern Spy Co.
  34. The hash browns at Joan's on Third.
  35. The Poutine at Mile End.
  36. The Poutine at Animal.
  37. Is anyone still reading this?
  38. The French sheep's milk fig yogurt we're gonna get at the Melrose Place fm.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond