1. Get some challah!
  2. This recipe calls for Whole milk and regular butter (unsalted is fine I'm not a monster) but get your skim or nut milk or olive oil outta here
  3. Don't slice it too thin or too thick, approx an inch is perfect
  4. Depends on how many people you're feeding but - a few eggs, a cup of milk, a bunch of shakes of cinnamon, 1 tsp of vanilla extract, whisk it up!
  5. The color should we a yellow-white with lots of cinnamon flecks because it weirdly doesn't mix in
  6. Don't preheat the pan (it'll cook too fast). Turn the pan on now and add butter, one layer of coating all over, you can use a brush or even the edge of a folded up paper towel to make sure it's even/everywhere
  7. Medium flame. Wait for the pan to heat up. Test this by flicking a tiny drop of water on it, wait for a light sizzle. Then proceed.
  8. This is the time to also heat the syrup at a nearby flame - watch out it heats up VERY quickly. Like 10-15 seconds.
  9. Ok here's where it gets real - dip the bread in the batter - dip it on both the sides and then make sure every surface area is dipped. Not too long, not too short, a nice leisurely dipping.
  10. Do not drop the bread in there and leave it. Do not let it go. You can put it in there all the way but just as like, a dunk. Multiple dunks. Dunk it up.
  11. I said - don't let it go. It'll get too soggy.
  12. Ok now it's on the pan, give it some time to get golden brown. Have a nice good sharp/thin spatula, I prefer metal, I don't care if it scrapes the pan, it gives more control.
  13. If you have a top to the pan you can put it in for like 20-30 seconds. Just once. Do not use the spatula to press down on the challah, leave it fluffy!
  14. Check it, flip it if it looks ready, and as you flip it, reapply butter underneath each spot. This is important.
  15. Let it cook some more. Maybe even turn down the flame a bit. Check it to see if this 2nd side is now golden brown, remove each piece as it's ready.
  16. Serve with the warm syrup and powdered sugar.
  17. I promise this will be good and I don't agree with the people who say to soak the bread longer.
  18. Also one time my then boyfriend challenged me to a French Toast bake off contest and right before it I said "where is your recipe from?" And he said "Disneyland." And then pulled out a loaf of white bread. Anyways we didn't break up that day but, you can guess who won the contest.