1. Chicken sandwich at Son of a Gun
    Perfection. I can cut it into 4 which might be my greatest single talent.
  2. Larchmont Village Wine & Cheese
    ALL of them. Get 'em on the baguettes not the focaccia.
  3. Chicken sandwich at Plan Check
    Dunno what duck ham is but this comes with it and it's dope.
  4. The Godmother at Bay Cities
    I order the tomato mozzarella instead if I'm at work and I want to appear dainty.
  5. Signature sandwich with the works at All About the Bread
    I get it with toikey. Great chips selection and fountain soder machine too.
  6. Corned beef on rye at Nate 'n Al's
    Asked for the bread toasted. "Everything is better toasted" is the Goldberg family motto FYI.
  7. Fairfax sandwich at Eggslut
    Ever notice that there are no kaiser rolls in LA? That's why LA's breakfast sandwich game pales in comparison to NY.
  8. Gjusta
    Still picking my fav but I wanna marry all the dudes that work there.
  9. A Cut Above - still picking my fav
    Nice to have something edible in Santa Monica
  10. The Carving Board - still picking my fav
    Open laaaaaaate!
  11. Ink Sack
    Delicious tiny sandwiches. Weird hours. Worst name?
  12. Best Banh Mi
    Taking suggestions!
  13. Best Cuban sandwich
    Taking suggestions!