1. Is this Ingrid Michaelson?! (It was). I knew it!
  2. Is THIS Ingrid Michaelson?! (It wasn't, it was Taylor Swift).
  3. Taylor Swift?! Really?! She's really fallen off my radar. (I don't know what this means).
  4. Can you play something with words? (This was when Janet Jackson was on, blasphemy!)
    But then I told her how the other day I tweeted about Janet Jackson and then the very next day she announced her comeback. My mom was proud that I am psychic.
  5. No, not this either (this was Haim, sigh).
  6. Oh this one I like (Sara Bareilles).
  7. I like this one too (Regina Spektor).
  8. Is Lady Gaga pregnant? (I don't know).
  9. You're lucky I didn't bring my Barbra Streisand Duets CD (I sure am).