1. @sophia is the best because she recommended an acupuncture place on List App a few weeks ago the very same day I needed one, it was fate. I think about this at the beginning of every session.
  2. My breathing
  3. The amazingly displeased look the acupuncturist gave me when I said I was on antibiotics
  4. I hope they can fix my sinuses and TMJ while I'm here for my back
  5. Ahhhhhh they just put acupuncture needles in my faaaaace!!!!!
  6. Whoa who is the new white lady in the room who is standing silently in the corner?
  7. Hell yeah let's do cupping I am basically Goop
  8. These are gonna be cool bruises
  9. The sound when they remove the cups is awesome
  10. Ciara's new football player boyfriend (I hope she's happy!!!)
  11. No pain no gain
  12. Can they hear me sniffling?
  13. Did they forget about me?
  14. Will I have time to get coffee before my first meeting?
  15. My breathing!