Nelly (Furtado) vs. Nelly (nÊe Cornell Haynes Jr.)
  1. â€ĸ
    Great names - Nelly's first group was the St. Lunatics and some of his album names are Nelllyville, Sweat, Suit, and the compilation Sweatsuit.
  2. â€ĸ
    Not to be outdone - Nelly Furtado's debut album was called Whoa, Nelly (lolz)
  3. â€ĸ
    Nelly has given us Apple Bottom Jeans & an Apple Bottom fragrance 🍎🍑🙏
  4. â€ĸ
    Nelly Furtado is Canadian!
  5. â€ĸ
    Nelly has won Grammys
  6. â€ĸ
    So has Nelly Furtado!
  7. â€ĸ
    Best Nelly tracks: Hot in Herre, Body on Me, Pimp Juice, and #1 (I like Dilemma with Kelly Rowland OK too but Over And Over with Tim McGraw is a stretch).
  8. â€ĸ
    Best Nelly Furtado tracks: Promiscuous, Maneater, and Say It Right (all off the album entitled Loose - heh).
  9. â€ĸ
    Nelly/JT collabo Work It is pretty good (the cheesy/unreleased music video at the Playboy Mansion is struggles tho).
  10. â€ĸ
    Nelly Furtado/JT/Timbaland collabo Give it To Me is đŸ’¯
  11. â€ĸ
    Let's not forget NSYNC featuring Nelly with Girlfriend - great song and video, remember they dance on cars?! đŸ‘ĢđŸ‘Ģ🚙🚘🚗🚕
  12. â€ĸ
    Wondering if I forgot all about Nelly Furtado's massive hit song I'm Like a Bird? I did not. I detest it. đŸšĢ🐤
  13. â€ĸ
    Don't love Nelly's Air Force Ones either. Tho I agree those sneaks deserve a song.
  14. â€ĸ
    Nelly Furtado was allegedly named after a Soviet gymnast (are we to trust Wikipedia?)
  15. â€ĸ
    Whoops - Nelly was recently arrested for drug possession and it sounds like he cheated on Ashanti 👎
  16. â€ĸ
    Oops - Nelly Furtado performed for Muammar Gaddafi 👎
  17. â€ĸ
    Nelly is 40! He doesn't look it.
  18. â€ĸ
    There was no point to this list other then it popped into my head for some reason.