The most egregious things I've said or believe, according to the reactions of other people. Thus these are "nopinions" rather than "opinions."
  1. I didn't like the book Catch-22
  2. I'm not sure Michael Jackson wasn't innocent
  3. Disneyland is better than California Adventure
  4. Rafa is a million times better than Federer
  5. These beloved shows are not my cup of tea: Scandal, Lost, all the Law & Orders
  6. I've never seen these movies and don't care to: The Shining, The Sound of Music, Thelma & Louise
  7. Paul Newman is way hotter than Marlon Brando
  8. Soup is the worst category of food
  9. Salted caramel anything is bullshit
  10. I still want to see Woody Allen movies
  11. Writing the book The Devil Wears Prada was disloyal
  12. DC sucks and shouldn't be counted as a city
  13. If Nutella drops you, then the Lakers should too and the NBA for that matter (Kobe)
  14. Sand is gross; beaches should have grass leading up to the ocean
  15. Team Dean (Gilmore Girls)
  16. People who use pencils instead of pens should be analyzed
  17. White wine for the most part tastes like soap
  18. Cilantro doesn't taste like soap
  19. Not all Jews are lactose intolerant. I can drink an entire glass of milk and I'm A-OK. Happy even.
  20. The best show on Showtime is Shameless
  21. Mase is a great rapper
  22. Cats are never to be trusted; they are clearly up to no good
  23. Rainbow cookies taste like garbage
  24. Coke and Pepsi taste pretty much the same
  25. Ramses is hotter than Moses