1. Will Smith seems uncomfortable with the R-rated humor
  2. There's a scene that completely steals from Out of Sight
  3. Will Smith seems like he misses Eva Mendes from Hitch
  4. The flight attendant hates me for no reason
  5. Margot Robbie has strong, strong eyebrow game
  6. Is there gonna be a Bad Boys 4?
  7. B.D. Wong is not subtle
  8. What are the ingredients of airplane coffee because coffee isn't one of them
  9. We just lost wifi and the flight attendant said it's because we are flying over a military base. I believe her because it was the guy in front of me who asked. If it was me she probs would've slapped me in my face.
  10. I have somehow completely lost the plot of this movie
  11. Will Smith looks good in teal and clearly has cut out white carbs
  12. Margot Robbie and I look the same in a bikini, it's unnerving
  13. Maybe this movie will make more sense once I've taken my muscle relaxer
  14. Nope.