1. (3 seconds into the song). Is this Ingrid Michaelson? (Nope, it's the Dixie Chicks)
  2. Are they back??? (Sadly no, they still won't tour in the U.S.). Ugh, Bush! (I know).
  3. Is this song stuck? (No. It was Chvrches "The Mother We Share.")
  4. Why don't you have a blog anymore? (apparently Florence & the Machine is not enough to distract her from asking questions like these).
  5. (Zero comments to Katy Perry - either this is contentment or concentration on driving)
  6. This is nice (We got lost so I put on Sia's Breathe Me to take us into the gates of Heaven).
  7. This is great! (Episode 1 of the wonderful Mystery Show podcast yay @starlee !!)
  8. Zzzzzzz (She fell asleep to Joshua Radin just as I planned! Luckily, I was driving).