Today I spent $2400 on something. It's definitely the biggest single charge I've ever had on my credit card. Here are some hints on what it was for.
  1. I can't see it
  2. I can't smell it
  3. I can't taste it
  4. I can't touch it
  5. I might be able to recoup some of the $ back, TBD (fingers crossed!)
  6. I need it because I am undisciplined
  7. I need it because I moved to LA and have a 45 minute each way drive to work
  8. I exclaimed "oh man I could buy SO many pairs of jeans with this money" (this isn't really a hint, it's just true).
  9. It will be amortized over 16 weeks, more actually because of work travel
  10. It involves changing clothes
  11. While I was there, I got complimented on the sushi socks that @Ericka got for me
  12. Only time will tell if it's worth it