This is just my opinion but it's right
  1. Kazu
    Delicious and Omakase only unless you want judgment from the 1 waitress. You'll either see Clooney or it'll be empty. Both are the dream?
  2. Katsu-Ya
    The OG Katsu-Ya. The food tastes better than the one in Brentwood.
  3. Asanebo
    The menu is overwhelming; it's like a binder full of women, but of Japanese food. It's v good but less adventurous so the fact that it's wildly expensive makes you feel worse about it.
  4. Kiwami
    Sure why not if all the other ones disappeared.
  5. Sugarfish
    Sure why not if you want the set menu and all the food to arrive in 9 minutes total. Listen, Sugarfish is good and it serves a purpose and has a fun to-go box but if it's your favorite sushi in LA then this list ain't for you.
  6. Teru
    As @jennikonner says "it's like going to Paris and eating at McDonalds" and "this is where I take my kids when I'm not eating."
  7. Iroha
    It's open late !
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy
  8. 4 on 6
    Suggested by @EthanDawes