Random personal sushi tidbits with recommendations at the very end.
  1. I eat sushi 3-4 times a week.
  2. One of my friends eats more sushi than I do so I monitor my potential mercury poisoning by observation.
  3. Recently I ate barracuda, it was good.
  4. I really like monkfish liver (Japanese name is Ankimo if that sounds more appealing).
  5. I like uni so much that I bought some at the Santa Barbara fish market yesterday and ate it with just soy sauce.
  6. I like uni so much that I want wall art that is made from sea urchin shells (I've seen this before, in a nice house. I want it).
  7. Recently I had fancy sushi lunch plans with a co-worker and my boss invited himself/tagged along and said "I'll pay" and when the $$$ bill arrived he was like "fuck you both."
  8. I impressed and disgusted said colleague and boss when I ate 4 little squid, my 2 and my boss's 2, because they explode in your mouth with who knows what.
  9. But the truth is the Goldberg girls will eat anything. My sister once ate a worm for $10.
  10. I like the fried shrimp head.
  11. I don't like the crab roll at the end of Omakase. This shocks a lot of people. I like the baked crab hand roll at Katsuya tho, I'm not a monster.
  12. Clearly, I spend a lot of my paycheck on sushi, ranging from expensive to Whole Foods or the poke bar at Bristol Farms. My credit card bill looks like this: sushi, gas, Uber, sushi, sushi, jeans, sushi.
  13. At my neighborhood joint, Yoshi's Sushi, they know me.
  14. But my biggest feat is that they know me at Sushi Park. I want to marry one of the sushi chefs there and marry into the Park family, preferably the one with the thick black-framed glasses.
  15. I've been to Japan but as a teenager. I want to go again as a human adult and eat all the sushi in the land.
  16. I loved Jiro Dreams of Sushi (obviously) and I would 100% watch a live, closed circuit feed of a sushi chef at work.
  17. I've never been to N/Naka of the Chef's Table episode. I want to go. I've also never been to Urasawa. Who wants to take me??
  18. I had sushi in Austin TX recently that a bunch of people recommended but it was really disappointing and then I was like "why did you eat sushi in Austin TX, that's dumb."
  19. My nephew has been eating Ikura (the salmon roe) since he was 2 years old. He calls it "little balls."
  20. When my sister and I go for sushi and they ask us if we want dessert, we order eel.
  21. My top 12 LA sushi places are: Sushi Park, Kazu, Sushi Zo, Echigo, Hiko, Hirozen, Kiriko, Mori, Katsuya, Itacho, Ike and Jinpachi.
  22. Runners up: Asanebo, Hamasaku, Wa, Shibucho, Sushi Gen, Sasabune, Yu-N-MI.
  23. I haven't been to Hama downtown and yes, Sugarfish is good, but it doesn't get to be in the top 12 because of the factory feel.
  24. If someone could figure out a way to combine sushi and pizza, I would probably never eat anything else.