1. I love Rafael Nadal
    The most. The neon accents, the wedgie picking, the resemblance to a TMNT, his left arm bigger than the right, I love everything.
  2. I love Pete Sampras
    My first tennis love. I'll never forget watching the 5-setter where he kept puking and still won.
  3. I dislike Roger Federer
    Not only do I dislike him, but I've turned a bunch of people against him. I almost hate him. Happy to discuss this further.
  4. I hate Justin Henin
  5. I love Kim Clijsters
    Who doesn't love a silent j?
  6. I like Andre Agassi
    Always rooted for Sampras but his book Open is SO good! And he gets points for loving Graf.
  7. I love Steffi Graf
  8. I love John McEnroe
    So much. I find his temper tantrums sexy. And he's the best commentator too.
  9. I love Billie Jean King
  10. I dislike Martina Hingis
  11. I used to like Ivan Lendl
    When I was little, so random!
  12. I like Jimmy Connors
    The thing I like most about him is his McEnroe rivalry. He always looked like a dick, I think it was the hair.
  13. I love Monica Seles
    Didn't like her until she was stabbed and then I loved her and didn't even mind the grunting.
  14. I like Jennifer Capriati
    Shoplifting is baller.
  15. I like the Williams sisters
    Sometimes I love them. Constantly flummoxed by the amount of jewelry they can wear while playing.
  16. I hate Lleyton Hewitt
    With a fiery passion.
  17. I love Gabriela Sabatini
    Great name, nice complexion.
  18. I dislike Andy Murray
    I'm just not that into you Andy Murray.
  19. I like David Ferrer and Feliciano López
    Spainish hotties
  20. I like Bjorn Borg
    His life story is a rollercoaster. Good hair and headbands.
  21. I like Andy Sock
    Only for his name.
  22. I like Martina Navratilova
  23. I like Li Na
    She was good, sad she retired (I think she retired?)
  24. I like Gaël Monfils
    He seems like a soccer player in the best way.
  25. I like Grigor Dimitrov
    Smokeshow. I follow him on Instagram.
  26. I like Mark Phillipoussis
    Good serve, good height, fun to say his name.
  27. I am torn about: Novak Djokovic, Andy Roddick, Tsonga, and Isner.
  28. Up and coming youngins I like: Nick Kyrgios and Madison Keys
  29. I dislike Sharapova, Kournikova, and Bobby Riggs.
  30. If they didn't make the list it just means I'm not passionate one way or the other.
  31. 🎾 La Fin 🎾