I was aces with a glue stick, trust.
  1. Ryder Strong
  2. Andrew Keegan
    Yes I've been tempted to visit his spiritual religion. Yes I also loved his Camp Nowhere co-star Jonathan Jackson.
  3. JTT
  4. Devon Sawa*
    *only blonde except, see below.
  5. Joey Lawrence
  6. Matthew Lawrence
  7. Jonathan Brandis
  8. No NKOTB
    I have an older sister 7 years older than me so this music was disallowed in our shared bedroom. This would majorly backfire in the *N SYNC era.
  9. *Macaulay Culkin got his own entire collage notebooks. 3 total.
  10. John Starks
    3 posters on my wall plus the Michael Jordan wingspan one.
  11. Tho I loved them both, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Renfro were serious actors so I didn't degrade them by including them.
  12. I did eventually grow out of collages. My college walls were sophisticated; exclusively Justin Timberlake and Scott Speedman. Can't remember if my family made the wall.